Review Policy

I am always happy to review and promote a book, be it a hot new release, a debut novel or a self published novel, but when requesting a review please be aware of the following:

  • Whilst I am open to all genres, I am busy with school etc. and so cannot accept every review request. I am more inclined to request books of my preferred genres: Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery and dystopian.
  • I prefer to have physical copies of review books, but if that is not possible then I am flexible with an e-book format.
  • For every book I receive, I will leave a Goodreads and Amazon review, and discuss it first thing for a few of minutes in my monthly wrap ups on my channel:
    I will also either incorporate it into a blog post or video as I see fit.
  • Please give me up to a month to read and post about the book as life can get busy!
  • I am happy to email you or tweet you a link to any review or post I write.
  • Finally, my opinions and thoughts are always my own so please be aware that I do not post exclusively good reviews.

If you would still like to send a copy of your book, please use the email:

Thank you for your time!

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