Shadowhunters Pilot

The highly anticipated Shadowhunters TV show premiered last night, and I had no choice but to share my thoughts with everyone! The expectations for me was similar to many other people’s I think, a mixture of ‘Ok better not get too excited in case it flops like the movie’ and secretly thinking ‘OH MY GOD IF THIS ISN’T THE BEST THING EVER I WILL CRY.’ Yup. Me too.

From the promos I have seen, I have felt very on the fence about Kat’s acting as Clary. Brows were raised at the beginning of the episode at just how high pitched her voice was, and it really felt like she was a more accurate portrayal of Clary as a 16 year old, rather than as 18. However, as the episode progressed I did find myself warming to her- there was the odd ‘cringe’ moment when she attempted a scream, but her chemistry with Simon was real enough to convince me that this could work. She delivered a few kick-ass lines (‘I’m not interested in your supernatural fight club) and I give my trust that she will improve as the series goes on. Also, I have heard that she is currently reading the Mortal Instruments, and she genuinely seems like a lovely person- it’s almost impossible for me not to warm to her.

Her chemistry with Jace on the other hand, was a little debatable. They did not get a lot of on screen action together, so I have not made a verdict yet, but in scenes together I just felt that some of the lines were delivered in a slightly stilted manner.

Alec and Izzy were my favourite; as in the book, they were beautiful yet deadly, and Em did a brilliant job at portraying Isabelle’s seductive slaying of demons. Magnus was another character who I am very curious to meet, yet I do not think he was in this episode enough for me to comment on him (although Harry looked fabulous as always.)

The CGI, which I think was a main concern for more than one person was a little over the top at times. I, for one, was not a fan of all the glittery purple stuff when shadowhunters portalled their way something, but from the SFX used to portray the demons, I do have hope that we will get more impressive effects yet to come.

As a pilot, I honestly do believe that they delivered. I am aware that a lot of people were not happy with the fact that they chose to manipulate the story line slightly, but that is to be expected when adapting a 6 book series into TV episodes. As a fan, I was satisfied and am excited to see where the next episode takes us. (also very very excited to see some Malec action any time soon)

Thank you very much for reading, feel free to leave your own thoughts and reactions to the premiere of Shadowhunters 😀

– Anaïs


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