Shadowhunters Ep. 2 & 3

So. Shadowhunters. What a rollercoaster. (Or a trainwreck- either analogy works for me.) Here is the thing- myself and the majority of viewers by the sounds of things are trying so very hard to enjoy this show and to stick with it till the very end, but as each episode progresses, I am finding this […]

Shadowhunters Pilot

The highly anticipated Shadowhunters TV show premiered last night, and I had no choice but to share my thoughts with everyone! The expectations for me was similar to many other people’s I think, a mixture of ‘Ok better not get too excited in case it flops like the movie’ and secretly thinking ‘OH MY GOD IF THIS […]

The Abominable Bride

Sherlock, between its 3 seasons so few and far apart, has accumulated a growing string of fans and as a result, a ridiculous amount of pressure on the creators to create something more spectacular and jaw dropping with each new episode. As a result, when a christmas special was announced, many of us, knew that this would be […]